Collaborative Project Idea

When I found out that the client we had was representing Ecological preservation I was actually pretty excited. I grew up in Scotch Plains, NJ and growing up I realized that Scotch Plains and most of the towns surrounding it are the most boring places ever. However there was always one thing that my town was good for and that was exploration. Scotch Plains is host to a slew of climbable rooftops, explorable tunnels, and most importantly, nature reserves galore. On any given weekend, my friends and I would go up to the nature reserve, find a new trail and walk for hours. There a lot of cool stuff that can be found in an afternoons walk. I brought that up to my groupmates and I gave us the idea to maybe film a nature walk. The first day we had the idea to make a series of commercials that showcased multiple locations to talk about. The second time we met we decided to make those locations nature reserves. I work well with video and audio so it would be right up my alley to create a commercial of some sort. We also have people in our group willing to make info graphics which would help us aswell.

What our group decided to focus on was NJ Open Space Month. It’s really hard to find online informations about it but we did find a few things that we would want to promote such as the Adopt a species program and the instagram contest. The main idea behind our commercials will be to promote NJ Open Space Month while also showcasing the multiple nature reserve that we would be visiting.



Remember when you could post anything on the internet without the fear of someone disagreeing with you, ridiculing you, and hating you for thinking how you do? If you do good for you because I surely don’t. For as long as I’ve used the internet all it’s been is internet trolls. Quality content or not, someone is always gonna hate it. Usually if you don’t like what someone is wearing, you don’t walk up to their faces and tell them what a horrible person they are for wearing it. However, my child, this is the internet. If I harass somebody to their faces, I’m most likely going to get pepper sprayed and arrested. However, if xX_DragonFire_xX insults somebody behind the guise of a username, sat up 100 miles behind their triple monitor setup playing Overwatch in their parent’s basement, then they’ll probably get off Scott free. Even if you could find out who they were, pepper spray only travels so far.

This is the effect of the internet. The fact that any anonymous person can say anything is probably the best and worse thing about it. On sites or even games where you are behind a username, you can say anything without being found. So the possibilities are (seemingly) endless! Say the dumbest thoughts that pop into your head; Trump does it all the time! Trolls, you are the culture of the internet. If trolling is how you have fun then do it. Just don’t be too mean… or racist… and don’t post anything that could affect future career opportunities… and try to keep your facebook pretty clean… Instagram too… basically anywhere where an employer can see you… which is mostly everywhere… except maybe Reddit.

Message to all trolls: Please migrate to Reddit.




I love scary movies. I love the ambiance, the lighting, the filmography, and most of all, the scares. There’s nothing like a movie that sticks with you long after you see it. However, there seems to be one fatal flaw about scary movies. While you can always change the monster, and can always change the characters, it always seems like they follow the same general scheme. The main character finds out something, they start getting haunted, and resolve the problem with heavy resistance (bonus points for all the movies that have that 1 final scare before the movie goes to credits). It seems like all the original plots for scary movies have been used or remade. What happened to the originality of Stephen King or Alfred Hitchcock?  Are there even any original ideas left?

I think an illusion that we all fall into is the illusion that everything has already been done. When Desiigner first released “Panda”, the hit song that made him a millionaire, people said he was just a ripoff of Future. That was about a year and a half ago. Now when you think of Desiigner, Future doesn’t come to mind. Instead, you think of Desiigner and the various sound effects he makes to compose a hit song, or “Tiimmy Tiimmy Tiimmy Turner” in his XXL freshman freestyle. My point is what was once a copy is now an original product. There’s no cap to what can be done. Every sound, every image, every scene can become its own product. Originality and authenticity are subjective. “Blurred Lines” singer Robin Thicke got sued by the family of Marvin Gaye by copy “Got to Give it Up” in the production of the song, however, we got 2 songs out of it. Robin still created an original product so saying it wasn’t authentic would really be up to the listener.

Authenticity is really up for the observer to decide. There have been many things that have already been done, but not everything has been done. It’s impossible to make every sound. It’s impossible to make every tone of every sound. It’s impossible to make every pattern of every tone of every sound. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING TO HAVE BEEN DONE. We have thousands of authentic, original thoughts a day. Put it into action, Make it happen.



Zine Culture

Having an opinion nowadays is pretty easy. You can just hop on Facebook and Twitter and either have a chat with like-minded people or have an argument with people who don’t see it the same way. In today day in age, everything is immediate, and whatever we want to say can just be blurted out on the world wide web for everyone to hear. However, it wasn’t always like that. Magazines and newspapers gave us all the news they could, whether it was the news we wanted or not. Opinions and freethinking statements were left out to appeal to a wider majority. Enter Zines.

Zines were small, self-published pamphlets that could be made almost anywhere. They feature wacky eye-catching designs that prompted people to give them a look. Inside you would find the rantings and weirdness of everyday people rebelling against the bourgeoise and making their thoughts and opinions know to everybody who decided to pick one up. These publications saw their heyday in the 1980s during the punk rock uprising. Rebellious teens would create these to shock and protest the system.

In a way, the zine set the foundation for today’s social media. Sure, we aren’t just a bunch rebellious teens throwing our middle fingers up to the system (not to say none of us are doing that) but zines set the foundation of publishing free speech. While media is controlled by a group of people trying to appease a demographic, the zine (almost like a blog post) stood to find a new one. On that agreed with the matters spoken about in it. Social media now is the same way. Every Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter post has a like button. That proves that post are not just for ourselves but for others that agree with us, something that zines brought to the table a long time ago.17204278226_d8fc95ee3a_b